Water electric transport

For over five years Ukrkompozit  has been manufacturing and selling fiberglass boats, canoes, kayaks and floating pontoons. Our water transport is made to fully meet all the needs of water sports and fishing fans.


Why choose fiberglass water transport?

  • Vessels are rust and deformation resistant and their bright colours do not fade
  • Affordable price
  • Durability of fiberglass is comparable to that of steel.
  • Easy transportation
  • Smooth surface allows boats and kayaks literally glide over the water and develop high speed.

Ukrkompozit is the leading manufacturer and trader in fiberglass products market and our experienced managers are always ready to give you expert consultations and assistance. Our vessels are manufactured at our own industrial facilities in Dnipro, which allows us to constantly improve our products in line with the newest market trends. We produce a full range of water sports equipment, both the models shown at the website and custom-made items. We can also provide delivery in Ukraine and abroad.