FoilBoard 141 x 45 Race Pro

MaterialFull carbon


Very strong and easy board. The concave deck improves control and stability when skiing.
Two deck cover options on request:

- special non-slip coating:

                            (+) Pros: very light weight, maximum control of the board, instant drying after the wheelchair
                            (-) disadvantages: aggressive attitude towards the suit (solved by an additional jacket over the suit)

  - mat:
                             (+) Pros: respect for the suit.
                             (-) disadvantages: more weight in the dry state and even more in the wet, soft deck impairs control of the board.
Slanted sides increase the angle of turning when UpWind. Reinforced with carbon fiber stringer, hydrofoil mounting: rails or DeepTutle as desired. Sandwich: special EPS foam, Herex 80kg / m3 + bamboo deck. Production time 1 week.

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